Tinplate cans advantage
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Tinplate cans
Tinplate cans commonly known as cans, tin is made ​​with tin cans, tinplate is that it is on the surface crossing iron tin. To play a protective role. Generally order beautifully packaged, and the use of printing, commonly known as printing cans.

Tinplate cans use
Usually divided according to their actual usage moon cake cans, iron, tea, coffee cans, biscuit tins, cans health care products, beauty cans, hand-pull cans, piggy bank, sealed cans, milk cans, tanks, Christmas cans, gift cans, candle cans, metal drums, badges, coasters, tin toys, music boxes, cigarette cases, stationery, CD boxes, cigarette boxes, all kinds of special-shaped cans mold.

Classified according to shape into round cans, rectangular cans, square cans, push boxes, shaped cans (heart / oval / car shape / cartoon animal-shaped) and so on.
Tinplate cans advantage
Tinplate cans compared to other packaging materials has its obvious advantages.
1.mechanical performance: tin cans relative to other packaging containers, such as strength plastic, glass, paper containers are large and good rigidity, easy to break. Not only can be used for small-scale sales package, and is the main container large transport packaging.
2.barrier excellent: there are excellent tin cans than any other material barrier, gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, shading, Paul fragrance are good, coupled with reliable sealing, can reliably protect products.
3.process maturity and high production efficiency: a long history of producing tinplate cans, mature technology has a matching set of production equipment, high production efficiency, can meet a variety of product packaging needs.
4 .beautifully decorated: good printing properties of metallic materials; design trademark bright and beautiful, the prepared containers compelling, is an excellent sales package.
5.various shapes: tin cans can be made into various shapes according to the different needs, such as cans, oval cans, round cans, horseshoe, trapezoid, both to meet the packaging needs of different products, but also to make more changes in packaging containers, promote the sales. 
6.recyclable: compliance with international environmental requirements, in line with future product trends.
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