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At present, the information technology industry, the basic package in its infancy, although various fields and businesses have some action, but did not form a system. More serious is that some areas are still gaps and regional phenomenon. Therefore, from a long-term strategic development, we are packaging industry should seize the opportunity to enter the world of knowledge economy era, according to its own characteristics, to seize the favorable position of information technology, information technology package to strengthen research development strategy, explore a suitable own characteristics , the best information technology development path with the target model to facilitate rapid and coordinated development of the packaging industry.

First, the Chinese packaging industry information technology issues
Under the great wave of information technology, domestic industries have entered the pace of information technology, information technology has become an irresistible trend. However, compared to other industries, China's information construction and packaging industry is still relatively backward, far below the average level of domestic information technology, which will inevitably restrict the further development of China's packaging industry, widening between China's packaging industry and international standards gap. In order to make the packaging industry already behind not drown in information technology trend among us should be sufficient knowledge, careful analysis of the packaging industry information construction problems summed up in several ways.
1 packaging industry information awareness is not enough, lack of knowledge.
Within the industry, information technology awareness is not enough understanding of information technology obvious bias. Most packaging companies to operate computers and networks simply considered information. Some packaging companies even skeptical of the information, not enough emphasis on information technology. Some packaging business decision-makers are accustomed to experience traditional practices deal with the problem alone, and do not realize that in today's society has entered the information age, information on the future and destiny; Even worse, some of the packaging business leaders and employees of the information known about little, do not know their role and importance of the content and implementation steps, but just to catch up with the trend, bought a bunch of computer software, also engage in information technology. Based on this, as some incorrect understanding of the process of information makes the packaging industry has been slow, or even with the facilities have the system but only stay on the surface, it is not the role of information technology into full play, did not achieve its purpose to be achieved .
2 packaging industry enterprise information construction investment underfunded.
Since the majority of the packaging business managers with information on the relationship between the development of understanding of the business itself is not enough, so the enterprise investment in information technology is relatively limited. Survey shows that the vast majority of packaging companies for investment in information technology is usually only add 4% or less. This figure compared with international industry vary greatly.
3 packaging industry shortage of information technology professionals.
Packaging industry complex talent needs of information, both to understand packaging expertise, but also familiar with information technology skills. Surveys generally reflect the current packaging industry a serious lack of such talents. Even some of the economic benefits of better packaging believes that the lack of high quality IT professionals, is the direct cause of the packaging industry information difficult to successfully carry out.
4. Application software for the packaging industry less.
Packaging is an emerging but full of vitality of the industry, based on this, China's packaging industry is suitable for application-specific software is still very small. Foreign companies to develop software wrapper classes do not necessarily fit the domestic situation, or did not realize the need for software development, besides its price is very expensive, difficult to accept the general packaging companies. Domestic self-developed software packaging industry can not fully meet the needs of the packaging business, but not high degree of customization.
5. Lack of targeted information agency services for the packaging industry.
  Implementation and operation of the packaging industry, management information systems, in addition to the packaging industry, they must have a team of information technology applications, but also need to understand the packaging, management support and cooked his professional information services, such as long-term transformation of the information for the packaging industry system maintenance, expansion upgrades, effective technology transformation services. So as to eliminate the packaging industry to produce and distress and worry in the implementation and application of information technology.
Overall, China's packaging industry, information technology is still in its infancy. As the traditional manufacturing industry, packaging industry control more emphasis on the production process, and the importance of business management information is relatively low.

Second, the packaging industry information technology strategies
Faced with the challenges of the information revolution, the packaging industry should actively make a deal to accelerate industry information, and promote the development of the packaging industry. For many problems over the packaging industry in information technology exist, we should take active measures from both the macro and micro aspects.
Measures 1 macroscopic
(1) Fair Packaging industry information of great necessity and urgency, must reach understanding in this regard.
Actively promote the realization of the packaging industry information package upgrade the industrial structure has important strategic significance. We should be in the range to expensive, through a variety of communication channels and means to actively disseminate information to develop the packaging industry has a great sense of necessity and urgency, to promote information technology in all large and medium-sized packaging companies and packaging companies importance to improve their understanding. University education should also be opportunities for information technology curriculum package introduced education system, to provide higher education for the packaging of talent, while the packaging industry to enhance the level of education and maintained at a high level to provide real protection.
(2) equipment industry information and important developments in the field of strategic objectives.
   Modernization and information technology are two major challenges facing the packaging industry today. And an important part of the packaging industry information technology progress and technological innovation is a key factor in promoting the modernization of packaging, packaging is also an important part of the world of information technology. Realistically speaking, packaging information strategy objectives should be: the construction and modernization of the unity of the package packaging information system; build a modern and sustainable development and packaging to match sets of education, research and service of a new pattern. 21st century, the development of key areas of information technology package should be: building package information database; construction package information networks; building data and information into the project; packaging expert decision support system; enterprise information management systems, and integrated management of the National Packaging information systems and services and the corresponding measures and so on.
(3) packaging of information, we must accelerate the pace of commercialization.
Package information industry is an important part of the packaging of information, but also one of the main modern packaging. In packaging engineering development process, but also to accelerate the modernization package to accelerate the commercialization of the packaging of information, it is important to ensure that information technology means to achieve packaging. Package information industry value packaging information and technical advisory services, this is the most promising one, is the need to make great efforts to invest. It can be said that with the advent of the worldwide knowledge economy era, the packaging industry information and industrial sectors will show interactive trend is bound to accelerate the process of modernization package to ensure that the packaging industry sustained, stable, coordinated and healthy development .
(4) to guide the packaging enterprise information technology projects.
Departments and packaging industry associations should be packaged with the transformation of enterprise information placed in the same position, attention and guidance to the former, and introduced a number of measures to support the financial and policy. Carried out by the industry association leaders packaging business Internet engineering, e-commerce, focusing on large-scale ERP and other applicable packaging business enterprise information systems.
(5) to strengthen the training of complex IT professionals.
Packaging industry implementation of information technology is not just a computer professional thing, it involves all levels of administration and management of the packaging industry, therefore, must have a knowledge of the packaging industry, reasonable structure, high technical level technical team to ensure that the system normal operation and maintenance management, development and maintenance of computer systems can play an important role, but also should pay attention to the training of technical personnel, so that technical and management personnel familiar with computer operations, information technology and packaging industry by working out of a progressive corporate culture granted only understands technology and computer and familiar management business complex iT professionals.

Measures 2 micro-on
Measures microscopic mainly measures need to be taken from a business perspective.
(A) companies to cooperate with an experienced information technology partner, mutual benefit and improve their ability
As mentioned earlier, for the information technology, part of the packaging enterprises lack sufficient knowledge and experience. So, if the packaging business information independently carry out his building, then, is bound to take a lot of detours, causing a huge waste of resources and it is easy to dampen enthusiasm, there are a hundred more harm than good. Therefore, if the packaging business with an experienced information technology partners to take joint development of the road, then both get some technical support and follow-up services, but also to train and exercise whereby packaging companies own information technology professionals, can be said to serve multiple purposes. Partners mentioned here, including management consulting firms, universities and related packaging research institutions, product suppliers and web hosting companies. Packaging companies according to their actual situation, to choose their own information technology partner.
(2) to strengthen information technology training, the implementation of expert leadership training.
Before the implementation of information technology, enterprise management consulting firms can make use of the institutions or packaging, the packaging business managers carefully knowledge of information technology education and training, so that we understand what is information technology, the need for implementation of information technology and information specific content and steps must be made to understand that they know ah implementation of information technology to enhance core competitiveness of enterprises is an inevitable requirement to engage in information technology, companies will eventually be eliminated, which is a requirement of the information economy era.
(3) information technology and packaging companies must be linked to the effects of this enterprise.
For packaging companies, information construction mode is varied, the information construction and packaging companies must be linked with the benefit of the enterprise, and the actual needs of enterprises combined through information technology to help enterprises solve the current problems and difficulties. In some specific areas of traditional technology can not necessarily solve the problem on a modern high-tech IT, in the inability to achieve or without highly integrated information management, starting with the simple application of information technology to start solving real management information and information management issues; belong to the same category of information technology, domestic packaging software can solve the problem, not necessarily a full introduction of foreign systems.
(4) good packaging business capital budget to develop a long-term investment strategy.
Insufficient capital investment is an important factor restricting the packaging of enterprise information. Information technology investments packaging business is a long term investment, it is impossible in a short time in the conversion efficiency. Packaging companies, in order to find ways to increase revenue to increase business investment in information technology, such as from a large part of the funds set aside for information technology projects construction; addition, especially packaging for private enterprises, to allocate special funds for capital investment in information technology, to detailed planning, strictly enforced.
After joining the WTO, China's packaging enterprises will inevitably participate in international competition. In this situation, the level of information technology and packaging companies will not only affect the core competitiveness of enterprises to participate in the packaging international peer competition. Also affect the country's core competitiveness, so the information construction and packaging companies have been imperative, it is a very complex system engineering, the development of a long way, the government, the packaging industry organizations packaging business, Packing a joint effort institutions and research institutions, and telecommunications sectors.

Today, the global information technology is an unstoppable process lasted, promote industrialization and information technology has become a huge force to promote enterprise development. Enterprise Information includes five aspects, namely, product information, design information, production information, and management of information technology and business service information. Enterprise information is to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises to adapt to changing market conditions moment, but also the knowledge economy, the network of economic development trend. All walks of life into the information database system including packaging industry, packaging industry, management information systems, packaging industry expert systems, computer networks and Internet and multimedia technology, RFID / EPC technology is largely the transformation and upgrading of the packaging industry, in today's more widely. The use of RFID tags on packaging, protection, distributors and consumers' interests, low cost, and promote sales are of great significance. ERP systems are currently the most popular enterprise information management software, it is for the integration of internal resources, improve the competitiveness of enterprises have a positive effect.
We must fully understand, in the packaging industry, technology leader in the world, technological laggards beaten in a passive position. Therefore, we should vigorously develop high-tech enterprises packaging, packaging of information technology to increase investment and accelerate the packaging industry, construction of enterprise information, and constantly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, so by packaging a Major package power forward.

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