Tradition and innovation coexist canned food packaging advances in continuous improvement
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Integration and innovation coexist canned food packaging advances in continuous improvement

Now, everyone is constantly accelerating pace of life. Especially at lunch, we will choose fast food more and some fast food. In this scenery, iron canned food also ushered faster to carry out period. According to statistics, China's canned food market has reached 500 billion in size. The infinite market also spawned a bottle for canned food in great demand.

In the past, mainly canned food bottles glass jars plus tinplate cover this form of packaging based. Such a package is now on the market is still relatively popular. Metal cans as canned food packaging, has a unique advantage. But higher overall costs of metal packaging, the growth rate of consumption of such foods quickly, seek new packaging materials is particularly important. Some new form of packaging meat canning presented in recent years, such as soft canned food, so the process becomes more convenient consumption, more attractive to consumers, largely expanded space to carry canned food for the meat processing industry to carry out new opportunities.

However, with the changing times. We are constantly changing demand for canned food bottles. This glass bottle canned canned food is very heavy on the one hand, everyone on the go or field trip is not convenient to carry around, and we all know that there are many cases of canned precisely everyone on the go use. The other is the tinplate cans bottles, although high tightness. But do not facilitate open, especially in some effort to open a very small lady laborious. Now, the market presents new plastic containers of canned food bottles to PET as a material, very light. Together with the choice of the form of easy-open lid and the outer cover portfolio in the open has become even more convenience. It should be said in the future there will be more and more choice in the form of canned food bottles plastic containers.

Canned meat demand for packaging materials and manufacturing container

Its packaging materials and containers must meet the general selection of food packaging needs. Together, because of the particularity of canned food (ie, have a longer shelf life, adhere to the meat-food original color, smell, taste and other characteristics, and to facilitate the consumption), the packaging materials and containers have some special needs.

1 data and the container itself non-toxic, odorless, does not produce harmful substances touch with the contents;
2. outstanding isolation function, sealing function to prevent oxygen from entering the oxidation effects occur, the formation of adverse effects on meat;
3 small moisture permeability data, avoiding meat moisture exchange with the outside environment, impact on their quality;
4 can be isolated from the light transmittance, dark meat reaches adhere to the quality, flavor needs;
5 outstanding corrosion resistance, ensuring canned meat flavoring soups made ​​no response to its metamorphosis or produce harmful substances occur;
6 There are certain mechanical strength, outstanding work force mouth packaging operation process, printability and other features to accommodate the needs of industrial production and packaging and decoration printing needs.

Canned food processing procedures
Filling process
The contents were filled into the empty cans containers. When filling the cans to leave a certain headspace, which directly affects the size of the tank capacity of food, deformation level and sterilization vacuum cans. If the headspace is too small, the pressure increases due to swelling of the food, often forming a bottom heat sterilization of canned outwardly outstanding, presenting it to the fracture; if the headspace is too large, the cooling tank pressure is much reduced after sterilization often recessed cans themselves, in addition, due to the large headspace, memory is more air can be easily formed oxidation discoloration of food. The size of the roof gap, but slightly different according to the type of material, the tank shape and material status, leaving headspace when general canning 6-8mm. When canning salt solution and injection Guankou to adhere to the edge of the cleaning and drying, do not leave sticky material or a salt solution on Guankou affect seal.

Canned filling is generally used in rotary drum vibration measuring cup canning or canning, both of which are volumetric quantification. Filling volume presents the reasons for failure are: measuring cup capacity adjusted incorrectly, slow or unstable feed hopper, hopper loading surface is too low, the feed tube is too small, the material activities of sorts, feeding tubes and cups different heart so will fill the measuring cup. If the operating speed of the machine too fast, the speed of the material hopper falling too fast will cause the material to repeat the cycle loading so much filling volume; improper retractable cup excessive tissue formation conditioning reflux; container and feeding tube if different heart beats are not allowed the container is too small or material glued feeding tube manipulation lag will cause an overflow damaged materials.

Exhaust process
Exhaust in the food filled the air after the canned food tissues contained ruled out as possible, so that when heated canned heat sterilization will not swell due to the formation of air pressure in the tank is too large, so deformed cans or cans loose joints cracking; tank together also a certain degree of vacuum remaining in the tank can be suppressed aerobic microbial activity, reduce corrosion of the tank wall and reduce the oxidation of nutrients (especially vitamin c), the oxidation loss, better preserved canned food color, smell and taste. General needs to seal the tank center exhaust temperature reaches 70 degrees -80 degrees Celsius.

Tin cans are often used in vacuum method - the contents of the containers and placed in a closed volume, the volume enclosed by a vacuum pump vacuum, the volume of the air density decreases, get a vacuum or steam injection method after sealing - with a certain temperature must pressure steam injection bottle, but after sealing steam condenses to form a certain vacuum. Bolipingguan common thermal exhaust Law - sealed containers and contents before heating, air density decreases so that the bottle, hot sealing, get a vacuum after cooling. Selection of vacuum cooking bag method, in order to effectively eliminate air tank, without affecting the quality of the contents, should exhaust note: heat conduction slow varieties should be taken before re-boiled hot canning canning and add boiling water then the exhaust and the exhaust longer appropriate time, the exhaust steam condensation process must prevent water droplets into the tank. The selection of vacuum suction method, should be based on the degree of vacuum pot, variety, add the broth and temperature control. Varieties with soup, the vacuum is too high, the soup is easily drawn, but too often is not enough to form a vacuum tank. General control vacuum degree 40-66.7kga appropriate.

When heated exhaust, if the exhaust temperature is too high, soft, easily lead tank materials, lack of weight; exhaust is not sufficient, the vacuum tank is too low, easily lead to sudden canning lid, fake bulging cans and cans of bone erosion, not remaining in the tank effectively inhibit the growth of aerobic and will affect the leak when the tank pressure differential cooling sterilized canning, canned sterilization will also directly affect the time. The main reason is: the use of steam or hot water temperature and time did not meet the demand.

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