Canned food exports surge diversification and innovation for conduct
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Canned food exports surge diversification and innovation for conduct

Canned iron has always been an important export our products popular in developed countries. In this era of rapid changes in technology, science and technology into practical productive forces faster and faster. Whether any of the skills of a professional can seize the commanding heights of the economy is the key to winning or losing or even survival. About canned career, the reform process is an important breakthrough, how based on market demand, the development of new packaging, new flavors, new products, improve nutrition of canned products and enhance market competitiveness is particularly important, not only help enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and improving efficiency, will also raise the level of the entire profession, and promote continuous professional, well-being, to carry out fast.

Reform and innovation and breakthrough into a new career carry canned addition, although canned food in China has done a great career, from the cost point of view of people in the 80, 90, after they spent the new mainstream shopping list, canned food has always been in qualifying is on the list, as long as canned fruit, canned hot pot can be used for simple meals category is also a slight advantage. Perhaps not by upgrading packaging and flavors to please the new mainstream these costs, but also canned food companies ignore the problem. And all the marketing of canned career also lack of strong promotion, most brands of canned food are simply displayed on the shelf, waiting for consumers forced to buy. As long as greater efforts in marketing, canned food may have to break the status quo, to complete further.

Years of experience of the baptism of traditional food, tend to have a certain cultural precipitation, and carrying countless people Complex. With the changing times, consumer safety, nutrition, flavor, convenience and other needs for continuous improvement in the cost of modern neonatal food market has occupied a place of traditional foods have a direct or indirect impact.
Adhere to seek to carry out innovative power

In this situation, a lot of traditional food career faced with how to maintain the survival and win new issues such conduct. The canned career change and innovation in recent years, through continuous skills development, transformation and marketing diversified positioning completed a magnificent transformation.
As a traditional iron canned food for a long time, career dedicated to the production and operation of traditional products, canned food for new areas of concern, opened further strengthened, with the skills to progress, various barrier, safety, health, easy to use packaging materials, packaging materials appear to make more canned food categories, wider field, canned broad professional associations and enterprises should further emancipate the mind, break with tradition, new ideas, big concepts by canned foods to carry out further broaden the field to adaptation of food, beverages, leisure, gifts diverse needs of the market, play Chinese food culture and cooking skills, strengths, increase new product development efforts, broaden professional conduct space to promote wider coverage, closer to modern takes canned conduct industry.
Canned occupation was facing two markets, faced with the gradual weakening of the traditional comparative advantage, facing developed skills and capital intensive advantages, faced with conduct by virtue of low labor cost countries to catch up the challenge, canned occupational skills necessary to vigorously promote progress, accelerate structural adjustment, and strive to create new competitive advantages in an invincible position in the international and domestic market competition.

Canned food and other traditional foods, has been missing all the operational mode of thinking in terms of marketing and product innovation are too conservative, resulting in a number of bottlenecks undertaken. Until recent years, under the leadership of China Canned Food Industry Association and the driven career leader in enterprise and have undertaken to improve the service concept from product idea to have gained consumer recognition, which has laid a solid foundation for future conduct. Especially in the channel effects, how to effectively use the advantages of standardization canning industry, constitutes the level of channel relationships, complete channel innovation is crucial. As long as constituting a multi-level multi-channel distribution system in order to maximize the cost finalized.

And in the brand communication, canned food groups to effectively take advantage of features for accurate communication, the key is to deepen interaction with consumers, so canned foods continue to expand convey surface and eventually into the mainstream consumer market. Blindly wait for consumers to find and are forced to buy their own. No interactive marketing communication will exacerbate the marginalization of canned food.
Diversified career even more powerful position to make cans. Canned food will be delicious and popular traditional doctrine combining cater to modern needs, in line with market positioning, will be completed by outstanding economic efficiency. In the future, canned food will complete catering technology, beverage technology, as well as the gift of leisure, and spend the mainstream market outlook integration, and guide national scientific concept of well-spent.

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