Small Times Canned life
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Small's Canned life
Small four said, "This is a dream shining era, this is a vision cooling era, this is the worst of times, this is the best of times, this is our little era." She explains the story of this era is written another writing competition for young people with strong morale place in society, and to fight for their own people with the last generation incomprehensible "clothing to hand out food to mouth" quality of life.

Whether or not understood, it is this generation "once opened, must be brilliant" life performance. The same parents do not understand is "canned life" is also loved by young people in general. Young people due to objective factors too busy to cook and even more efficient way of life like all kinds of canned chose to join the ranks of the family meals, and to examine the growing appreciation of the scientific quality of canned food from the king to fly. China cast iron canned past many grievances, are consumers mistakenly believe that it sets insecure, not nutrients, is not affordable, in an unsanitary. But the green light all the way in a foreign country, American soldiers like it, the European people like it; even in states adjacent to Japan, it is also necessary for each one of Mrs. ingredients. There are nearly two hundred years of history iron cans, because to solve the biggest problem of food preservation storage is almost one of mankind's most efficient, reliable but also nutrient foods; an ordinary British family usually eat 15 cans a week.

Parents always feel the shelf life of canned food for too long, meaning it added a lot of preservatives! Kids have to recognize the fact that iron is the invention of canning in the exhaust seal for sealing and sterilization technology-based, shelf life is that it exists already. It is also because the freshest ingredients at the time it was through the scientific process, some canned food nutrients even higher than we made ​​in the ordinary course of cooking food. It is said that the sterilization process of canned fish bones can make a lot of dissolution of calcium, minerals release of many foods, such as canned tomatoes high in lycopene than fresh tomatoes doubled. As for the canned "too expensive" argument, to look at how the theory. For older people, habits meal will do, pieces of eight hairs of vegetables will be able to skip a meal, canned indeed a luxury. But for a small young age, there is a canned reduced the frequency of eating out, reducing the risk of eating out encountered diet, natural, but also saves more money. Objective than the right, from every essential ingredients for expired and many throw away perspective, canned really is enough money too! Also, canned portability has become a young man's open-lying small gathering essential ingredients .

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