Recycle old cans secretly filling cans counterfeit 7200 "Red Bull" was destroyed in Xiamen
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Recycle old cans secretly filling cans counterfeit 7200 "Red Bull" was destroyed in Xiamen
Xiamen Xiamen Daily reported that according to the same box, "Red Bull Vitamin Drinks" production date marked on the product could not find two cans are the same, and the time span of each date is also up to six months. Yesterday morning, these 7200 cans of fake "Red Bull Vitamin Drinks" Second Municipal Bureau of Food and Drug Administration oversight, are unified in the Jimei destroyed.

These fake energy drink Red Bull Vitamin law enforcement officers to report within the intersection at high speed Kyorin a transport company in Xiamen, Dongguan City branch warehouse seized a total of 7,200 cans, the value of more than 40,000 yuan. By Red Bull's identification, these are counterfeit products. Condition varies significantly beverage tank, and some have appeared rust. Origin marked on the tank, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, is also inconsistent with the outer box. The same box products, beverage cans marked on each lot number, production date varied. After preliminary determination, the Department of recovering these drinks refilled after the old cans, and is likely to be recovered from the entertainment. Test results revealed that the beverage microbiological indicators "mold count" exceeded 600 times, while the effect on body composition labeled "caffeine" and "inositol" a content is too low, a completely undetected. After the incident, the logistics company by phone, always unable to contact the delivery person. Currently, the pharmaceutical sector is on the case for further follow-up.

It is understood that, in addition to focus on the destruction of the 7200 yesterday morning counterfeit cans of Red Bull energy drink vitamin, there are a number of counterfeit denture making materials, counterfeit drugs over 6000 bottles (box), the value of a total of more than 20 million. Destruction uses harmless approach.

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