Aluminum cans packaged foods can lead to excess
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According to World Health Organization study showed that per kilogram of body weight daily intake of aluminum is not allowed more than 1 mg. The monitoring showed that the average aluminum intake of residents is 34 mg per day. So how do we avoid excessive intake of daily life in aluminum metal it?

Zhongshan University School of Public Health, Nutrition Department Professor Jiang Zhuoqin said aluminum element is not required for trace elements, it is used as an additive in foods to add, with improved flavor effect. Daily food sources aluminum element, or from food additives, or the packaging material is eluted from the inside, and in some foods in alum will produce aluminum.

According to reports, in addition to expanded food, noodles, fried dough sticks, some chemical agents to work baking bread, add flour and flour gluten agent too, and this will lead to excessive intake of aluminum; in terms of packaging materials, aluminum pots, aluminum boxes, aluminum maker when loading containing food, it is possible to make aluminum dissolution, it is best not to aluminum products containing acidic, alkaline and salty foods, not to long-term storage of food in aluminum case or aluminum saucepan. It is worth mentioning that the cans made ​​of aluminum alloy, in general, wall safe with beverage cans and other food contact will be coated with a layer of protective coating, but in the process, it is inevitable that some places not coated with a protective coating or coated too thin, resulting in the inner wall of aluminum beverage cans in contact, which causes the aluminum content in beverages increased gradually. So, not often drink beverage cans, drink, especially in a strong period of growth and development of children and the elderly poor excretory function, it is to drink less better. Usually drink bottles or should try to choose soft drinks.

Professor Jiang suggested that usually eat some foods containing vitamin C, or trace element selenium supplements can help row aluminum elements. Of course, the most important is nutritionally balanced and improve metabolic capacity
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