Tin, cans commonly used four-color printing and spot color printing, printed
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q: What is the four-color printing?
a: four-color printing process generally refers to the use of yellow, magenta, cyan and black ink ink RGB color originals to copy all the color printing process.
q. What is spot color printing?
a: spot color printing refers to the use of yellow, magenta, cyan. Other color ink other than black ink four-color ink to copy the original color printing process. Often used in packaging and printing spot color printing process printing large area background.
q. What products must adopt the four-color printing process?
a: the way with color photography shoot colorful color changes to reflect the nature of the photograph, the artist's color artwork or other contain many different colors of the screen, or out on the requirements of the process on economic considerations, must undergo electronic color scanner or color desktop system scan separations, then use the four-color printing process to copy complete.
q: What kind of products will use spot color printing?
a: packaging products cover books or uniform color often by different colors or a regular gradient color and text to form, these blocks of color and text color separation after a four-color ink can overprint made​​, you can also deploy special color ink, and then only printed in the same color at a particular spot color ink. In considering the increase print quality and save overprint number of cases, sometimes to choose a spot color printing.
q: spot color printing color and four-color overprint color out of the color of its visual effects What is the difference?
a: the deployment of a spot color printing ink is pigment according to the subtractive color mixing principle obtained, its lower color brightness, high saturation: spot color ink evenly usually spot printing, and to appropriately increase ink, when the ink film thickness is larger layout, the degree of sensitivity to change the color of the ink film thickness on the changes will be reduced, it is easier to get the ink evenly thick printing results.
     Four-color printing process color overprint out, due to the composition of various colors that color is mostly composed by a certain proportion of outlets, network printing, ink film thickness must be strictly controlled, vulnerable to changes in thickness and printing ink changes in process conditions due to the color intensity change. Changes in the degree of dot gain. Resulting in a color change. And because the composition of the color of any color changes will lead to changes in the color of colors, resulting in uneven ink opportunities arise will be doubled, so the use of four-color printing process color overprint out, is not easy to get ink uniform effect. If you can not use multi-color machine once out of the color overprint colors. Semi-finished products are also vulnerable to the emergence of color is not easy to control the color cast. In addition, four-color printing outlets get is subtractive color mixing and processing method to absorb the combined effect of high color brightness, low saturation. For light color, four-color printing process, ink on paper due to the low coverage, the lack of solid ink dull feeling. Because of the relationship between the angle outlets, will inevitably make people feel pattern exists.
q. From the viewpoint of improving product quality, what kind of products suitable for use spot color printing?
a: When printing a large area light-colored uniform color, usually used in the original ink to add: the deployment of agents in the light spot color ink, then printing field, so that ink is thicker, it is easier to get the color uniform, thick effect. If the four-color printing process, you must use a number of low level network outlets. However, a number of low-level network outlets at the time of printing down easily by tiny sand or individual parts caused by poor ventilation outlets slightly smaller, resulting in uneven ink: printing time and easily due to the layout of water too. Paper powder on the plate and blanket accumulation of paper smoothness and low causes poor ink transfer small outlets. Thus appear lighter ink and ink uneven.
For large areas of dark color, four-color printing process, it may take several colors superimposed by a high number of outlets from salty, thick ink prone back rub dirty; while the use of spot color printing process, just print a color, less prone to back rub dirty. Using four-color printing process, some parts may be synthesized by several graphic color; while the use of spot color printing process, the corresponding parts of India only one color overprint avoid possible errors.
q: From the perspective of economic considerations, what kind of product is suitable to use spot color printing?
a: From the perspective of economic considerations, mainly to see the use of spot color printing process can save overprint times. Overprint can save by reducing the number of printing costs, but also save the cost of prepress production.
q: Can a product using both four-color printing and spot color printing?
a: If a product has both a color picture screen level, there are large areas of background, the color levels of the picture section you can use four-color printing, and a large area of ​​the background can be spot color printing. Benefits of doing so are: four-color printing part of the screen to get the right spot reduction by controlling the density can, in part through the proper background to increase the amount of ink can get ink evenly thick visual effects. This approach in high-end packaging products and stamps often used in print production, but due to the increased number of colors, but also makes the cost of printing plate increases.
q: When using four-color printing process, if there is a large black area of the field, what is more conducive to the plate thick black ink spot?
a: When using four-color printing process, in order to ensure the correct restore order harmonic color, each color of ink film thickness should be strictly controlled. Usually in four-color printing, black-site density is not more than 1.8, in such a large area density printed black spot, it will lack solid visual effects. Force method is commonly used in about 40% of blue overprint large black spot in the section.
A small black spot overprint cyan, from the point of view or black hue, visual effects, but it will be more thick. When originally printed in only one color black on white paper, due to the printing process, paper hair. Paper dust accumulation on the blanket, or due to other factors affecting the transfer of ink, make a black spot on a white blisters, black and white contrast is very conspicuous. If overprinting cyan flat screen, even though there is a black spot on the meager trachoma, is no longer due to the exposed white paper-based, but blue dot, as opposed to black and white contrast, the black and blue contrast is not so conspicuous, you can make black background looks more uniform appearance.
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